Blue Crystal Pool Service is recognized as Favorite Pool Services Readers’ Choice

Katy’s 2016 Favorite Pool Services Readers’ Choice

Previously, we have shared our happiness for being named as absolutely! Memorial Magazine’s 2016 Favorite Pool Services Readers’ Choice, and now we have been blessed twice over. We were also recognized as 2016 Favorite Pool Services provider for absolutely! Magazine’s Katy edition! (Wow, thank you for all the love and good reviews we’re receiving!)

The voting was conducted online at from August 1 to September 30, 2016 where nearly 800 voters were invited to take part in the survey to share their favorites in the same eight categories: Food, Auto Services, Shopping, Home Improvement, Professional Services, Entertainment, Care Services, and Pet Services. Under the Home Improvement category for Favorite Pool Services, Katy residents have also chosen our company!

As a celebration of the recent recognitions we have received, we break away from the usual “service blog” we normally do and share some ways to better your own brand recognition so that your business will be the first one in your target client’s mind whenever they need the services you offer.

Provide Great Customer Service

Customers of today are a lot pickier. They want prompt turnaround time, excellent services, and guarantees. It cannot be denied that great customer service is among the essential factors in the final buying decision of customers.

Take Advantage of Social Media

The power of social media in increasing brand recognition is massive. In fact, a lot of businesses would rather have a Facebook page than a website (but it all depends on several factors) because they are able to reach out to more customers through shares, tweets, pictures and the like. People are very ‘social’ in today’s modern era, and if you reach out to social media customers and constantly remind them of your business, then there is that recall and they easily remember your business.

Always Work Hard to Exceed Expectations

As a business, never stop improving your business; never stop growing. Client’s needs will eventually change and grow, as well. They will want more, and if you are able to cope with their needs, then you will remain as their go-to service provider. Do not just settle for something good; settle for something great. And work not to meet expectations but to exceed them.

Always keep in mind that a business will not thrive without its customers, so take good care of them. But never forget about your employees, too, because they are the ones at the front line taking care or your clients.

Again, we thank our loyal customers and supporters for this recognition. Rest assured that we will continue to provide quality services that will keep your pools at their best condition every time. If you have inquiries, talk to us at 713-900-7750.

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