Blue Crystal Pool Service is recognized as Best Pool Service by Memorial Magazines

The Best Readers’ Choice of Memorial’s Favorites 2016

It has been more than a month since our last blog, and we would like to start this year’s first post by saying HAPPY NEW YEAR! May your 2017 be filled with prosperity and blessings. Let’s all work hard to achieve our resolutions this year.

Blue Crystal Pool Service has a reason to celebrate and start this year with high hopes and more determination as we were recognized last December 2016 by absolutely! Memorial Magazineas 2016 Favorite Pool Services Readers’ Choice. The magazine invited readers to their website for an online survey on their favorites in Memorial. There were eight categories: Food, Auto Services, Shopping, Home Improvement, Professional Services, Entertainment, Care Services, and Pet Services. There were over 2,100 votes, and readers voiced their opinions on their favorites to come up with The Best Readers’ Choice of Memorial’s Favorites. The results were collected and tabulated using, and in case of a tie, both winners were listed.

Under the Home Improvement category which includes companies that offer landscaping and design, pool and spa services, and other improvements that help people beautify their homes, Blue Crystal Pool Service was named as the readers’ choice specifically for Favorite Pool Services.

Being a business whose existence relies mainly on the satisfaction of our clients with our services, receiving such recognition (and published in an award-winning publisher) is a confirmation that we are doing something right, that our clients are happy with our services. It is honestly very heart-warming and encouraging to know that as a company, our working together as a team and our constant striving for excellence is paying off.

Being able to provide quality services which make our customers happy is one of our main goals. And being recognized for our efforts and dedication is like icing on a cake which makes us strive even more to better our offers and provide unmatched pool services every time. This is an acknowledgement and also a challenge for us to work beyond expectations to ensure that with every service we offer, we get a satisfied smile on our client’s face in return.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our loyal customers for without you, we wouldn’t have continued to exist for over a decade now. We are really grateful for your support, trust and confidence in Blue Crystal Pool Service, and with that we will always do our best to fulfill and gratify. Your votes and opinions will not go in vain. Cheers to another year ahead us all!

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